Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Easy Self-Storage Solutions

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If you're looking at moving house, then you may find that you'll need to use some self-storage in order to house all of your worldly goods. Using a large storage unit is one of the better things you can do, as it offers secure storage with the added security of insurance. You'll be able to take any items you need, from boxes to furniture, and load them up whilst you focus on moving house and preparing it for the big day. Often people will choose this option if they need to paint or renovate the property. With any move, you'll want to make the experience as quick and efficient as possible, which means preparing your boxes and furniture for both storage and unpacking.

Box It Up

Using double-corrugated boxes for more expensive and delicate items is a good idea. The thickness of the card will protect against damp and knocks, which will help to minimise breakages, as the corrugated card compresses with impact. If, however, you are transporting more durable items, go for single thickness boxes as this will reduce the overall weight of them and make them easier to carry. Once you have your boxes sorted, you can make them easier to unpack by creating a list of the items inside and sticking it to the lid. If you need to search for specific items, you won't have to unpack everything. 


If you have a lot of boxes and your self-storage area is large, create a map of where the boxes lie. This will further make it easier to locate specific items, especially if someone who hasn't packed them is helping you. Some people even colour-code the boxes using squares of coloured paper, using red for kitchen boxes and blue for the bathroom boxes, for example.

Save Cash

Investing your money in bubble wrap and packing paper can be very costly. Instead, save plastic wrapping and bubble wrap from any electrical appliances you may buy, and save newspapers throughout the year. You can even ask neighbours to help as well so that you can save even more money. Wrapping things in paper will further protect from damp, however, this shouldn't be an issue in self-storage.


When storing furniture, use large canvas sheets. These will protect from dust and can be doubled up to make makeshift walkways in the house and slipped under the furniture in the storage unit and at home, helping to drag them into place like a sleigh.


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Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

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