Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

6 Rules to Follow When Placing a TV into Self-Storage

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Your home probably contains a whole host of costly items that you'll need to be careful with, should you ever need to keep them in self-storage. Of all those items, the television is one that requires plenty of care — even a single night in storage can be fatal if you don't store yours properly, let alone a couple of months.

Of course, you probably don't want to sell your TV, and modern ones are too large to simply store with a friend. As such, self-storage is your best option, so here just six rules to follow.

1. Use the Original Box

You'll probably still have the original box lying around in your property's own storage space. That's great, since the original packaging is always the best way to transport and store electronics, especially television sets. Keep in mind that you might need to reinforce the original box with some packing tape to add some strength.

2. Protect the Screen

Your television probably came with a thin plastic sheet across the screen, or possibly a single sheet that was stuck onto the screen. You're unlikely to have held onto it, but you still need to protect the screen from scratches. Bubble wrap is a good idea, but any thin plastic covering is fine.

3. Clean Before Storing

When it comes to TVs, dust is one of your most dangerous enemies. Large amounts can collect within air vents, so start by cleaning around them. It's a good idea to use a light vacuum — that way you'll remove dust instead of poking it inside the TV. Rub down the rest of the TV with a soft cloth. Even a small amount can get into the inner workings or scratch the screen.

4. Remove the Cables

One of the most common mistakes people make when storing a TV is leaving the cables plugged in. If the box is bumped during transportation or placed under any kind of stress thereafter, cables can bend and break, causing internal damage at the same time, so make sure you unplug everything and store the wires separately.

5. Store Like It Stands

You need to make sure your TV is stored in a vertical position, essentially in the same orientation it would adopt outside of the box. Lying flat is a big non-no. The internal wiring can be damaged over time, and you may place undue stress on the screen.

6. Look for Climate-Controlled Storage

Moisture probably surpasses dust when it comes to TV storage enemies, so consider looking for climate-controlled storage. Such self-storage sites will prevent moisture form building up in the air, as well as protecting your TV from extreme hot or cold temperatures.


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