Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

2 Types Of People For Whom Drive-Up Self-Storage Units Are Ideal

Erik Stone

Here are two types of people for whom drive-up self-storage units are ideal.

Busy retailers who need extra storage for their stock

Many retailers don't have enough space on their premises for all of their spare stock. These types of businesspeople will often use self-storage facilities, and many of them will specifically choose to rent drive-up storage units. The reason for this is that when retailers need to replenish their shop's stock with their spare supplies, they usually need to do this very quickly, so there'll be little to no gap between the time at which a particular product on their shelves sells out, and the time at which they restock this product (so they don't miss out on any sales of this item). Keeping their stock in a drive-up self-storage unit makes it much easier for them to do this because picking up items from this type of unit tends to be much faster than picking items up from a unit that's housed inside a facility that can only be accessed on foot.

A retailer could, for example, drive up to their unit, unlock the unit door, pick up a few boxes of stock and then lock up their unit in perhaps ten minutes or less. Conversely, if they needed to collect the same amount of stock from a unit that needed to be accessed on foot, the total time of their visit could be greatly extended, due to them having to get a parking spot outside the facility, pick up a trolley (for carrying their items out of the unit and towards their vehicle) and walk to and from the unit. This is something that could waste a lot of a busy retailer's valuable time.

Parents whose young children will be in their vehicle when they visit their unit

Drive-up storage units are also ideal for parents who have young children, whom they need to take with them when visiting their storage unit. If for example, a parent needs to pick up a few things at a storage unit they can only access on foot, and they have their young child in their car with them, they will need to go through the process of removing their child from his or her car seat, putting the child in their stroller, getting a trolley (and trying to push both the stroller and the trolley at the same time) before getting what they need from the unit and returning to their car. They'll then need to put their child back in the car seat, fold up the stroller and put the items they collected in the boot, before bringing the trolley back to the facility. This could turn what should be a simple, quick task into a very tiring and long experience.

Conversely, if a parent rents a drive-up self-storage unit, they could either safely leave their child in the car (as the vehicle will be right beside their open storage unit and they'll be able to see and check on their child while they're picking items up from it) or simply take them out and keep them in their baby carrier in the unit. Then they can get whatever they need from this storage space and then hop back into their vehicle in a matter of minutes, without any extra fuss.

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