Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

3 Household Goods You Need to Talk to Your Mover About

Erik Stone

Movers can carry most things in your home with no trouble, but there are certain items that they just can't carry properly and so will prefer not to. Usually, it's advisable to have your removalists make a visit to your house and let you know what they can and cannot carry. It helps to do this early enough so that you have time to make alternative arrangements.

Some homeowners don't read through the terms in the moving contract and end up surprised when the mover refuses to carry certain things on moving day. Therefore, be sure to read every word on the documents and seek clarification for any points you need to. This article discusses three household items most movers like to avoid carrying.

1. Perishable food

Perishable food can be easily transported on a short move, but it is almost impossible to carry safely on long moves. Therefore, arrange to have as little left as possible by moving day. Of course, you can't carry things like ice cream and your dairy items at all; donate these to neighbours or bring friends over to finish your stock.

Another danger is thawing perishable frozen food during the move and then refreezing once you get to the new house. There's some danger with refreezing certain foods without cooking first. If you have a cooler, you may be able to transport some of your frozen foods safely. Talk to the mover to know whether or not they can carry food in a cooler. If not, you'll have to carry it in your own car.

However, your movers can comfortably move unopened, non-perishable foods or foods stored in sealable containers. If you have nowhere to shed your leftovers, think about visiting your local church, food bank, children's home or shelter instead of throwing good food away.

2. Family heirlooms

This one differs from one moving company to the next. Remember that with every move there's the risk that something will get damaged, whether or not you're then one carrying it. As such, there are companies that prefer not to transport very expensive or highly sentimental family heirlooms. While a price can be attached to a broken mirror you bought at IKEA, how can your claim be quantified if the mirror was passed down five generations?

Find out what the movers' policy is on family heirlooms and valuables, and make alternative arrangements if they don't carry them. This also applies to items like your documents (school/work credentials, medical records etc.) or jewellery.

3. Scuba gear

It's unlikely that your mover will agree to carry scuba gear, mainly because scuba tanks are highly pressurised and can explode and endanger those near it. While there's little chance of a spontaneous explosion in your garage, the jostling/bumping of the moving vehicle may actually be enough to trigger an explosion. Instead, you should empty the tanks completely and carefully carry them in your own car.


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