Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Tools for Maximising Your Storage Facilities

Erik Stone

Are you about to start using a storage facility? If you are, you'll want to get more from the space you're paying for. Fortunately, there are tools out there you can use to do that.

Use pallets

While storage facilities strive to create a dry environment, you need to reduce the risk of your items encountering rain or snow. Before placing them in a storage facility, use pallets to keep them off the floor. That way, if rain does enter, your goods won't get wet.

Waterproof wrap

This is especially important if your goods will encounter damage through damp. For example, furniture may become musty and wood can warp. Using an industrial plastic wrap, you can keep water away from your items. Wrapping them tightly keeps the damp out, which will leave them intact when you bring them back into your home.

Create a map of items

In the interest of organisation, you may want to create a map of where items are. You don't need to create an intricate guide—just detail which type of item is in each corner. For example, if you're moving house, you may dedicate one corner to the kids' items, one to garden tools and so on. That way, if you send someone else in to find an item, they'll know where to start looking.

Labels for easy identification

If you're using your facility for storing business stock, you'll want to know where everything is the moment you enter the room. This is where labels come in handy. Adding labels to each package also ensures others who enter the room can find items easily. As a result, you'll save time and avoid frustration.

Try insulating certain items

When the cold weather rolls around, insulting certain items is essential. Failing to insulate them leads to damage, especially when it comes to electronics and old photos. Similarly, if the weather is due to become humid, using insulation prevents photos, artwork and antiques from fading.

Add an emergency toolbox 

If you're keeping furniture at your storage facility, keep a small toolbox there. That way, you can fix loose screws and other issues at the facility before transporting them. This is particularly handy when you're using the facility to store items you're selling on an auction site.

Finally, make sure you keep your facility neat and tidy. Don't stack items too high, as they'll act as an injury risk. With a little planning, you'll make sure your storage serves its purpose well. 


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