Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

Stocking your storage toolkit

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Whether you're storing things temporarily for a move or putting some items into a new long-term home, a storage unit is a good way to get some extra space. To get the most out of your storage unit, however, it helps to have a few key pieces of equipment on hand. A small toolbox or tackle box with these items will help make it easier to find what you need in your storage space, as well as coming in handy on moving day.

The map

When you load your boxes into storage, it may seem like you'll never forget what goes where. As time passes, though, it'll get harder and harder to know where everything is. To get around this problem, make a quick sketch map during the moving process. Keep the completed map in your toolbox. Not only will it help you remember where things are if you ever need to get something out of storage, but it'll also come in handy to help your movers or volunteers if you ever need to move out. 

Markers and tape

Keeping your moving boxes securely sealed helps preserve their contents, keeping them clean and safe. If you do need to get something out of a storage box, you'll need packing tape to reseal it. A permanent marker will also help for updating the box's label. You can also use the marker to label any new boxes you need to add during the storage period. 

Spare packing material

If you do take anything out of your boxes while they're in storage, you'll leave a void. Empty spaces within boxes can lead to items becoming damaged in transport, so be sure to refill them with packing material. Crumpled newspaper will do, but the ink can transfer, leaving stains behind. Alternatively, use materials like bubble wrap or foam pellets to provide a soft cushion around your items. 


You'll probably take your furniture apart before you put it into storage, removing shelves from bookcases and detaching legs from tables or desks. You may find, though, that when you add new items to storage you discover that you need to take them apart to fit them more efficiently. Keep a few basic tools, such as a screwdriver, adjustable spanner and Allen key in your toolbox to help with this process. 

Whether you're only using your storage unit for a short period, or using it indefinitely to house inventory, a well-stocked storage toolbox will come in handy in many ways.


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Getting the Best Self-Storage Rates

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